IceBox 1.3 - 25" Deep Module
IceBox 1.3 - 25" Deep Module

IceBox 1.3 - 25" Deep Module

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PLEASE NOTE: Goose Gear Product is build-to-order. Be advised that once you purchase this item, an order is made with Goose Gear and you will wait 2-to-3 months for your product. 

The Goose Gear IceBox 1.3 contains a complete fridge slide integrated into a Goose Gear Module. It features a 100% extension fridge tray with Lock-In/Lock-Out capability. With the Goose Gear IceBox, you can safely store gear on top of your fridge and still have complete access without having to unload your gear to access your food.

For a deep dive on the details, please see Goose Gear's page here:
Goose Gear IceBox 1.3 - 25" Deep Module

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