TacoRail - RTS - Base
TacoRail - RTS - Base

TacoRail - RTS - Base

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The highest quality and lowest profile Tacoma 3rd Gen mounting solution available on the market. 


  • Every component is from and supported by the same company - 67 Designs.
  • Unlike other track systems that require you to buy additional Ram 1" balls, the included BT55 trackball will not self-release when you move the arm!
  • Single component TacoRail™ is finely machined specifically for the Tacoma 3rd Gen.
  • The smallest installation footprint of any Tacoma product.
  • Very discrete lines that run with the dash.
  • Lowest profile possible designed for phones, small GoPro (or similar) action cameras, and other handheld devices. 
  • Matte mil-spec black anodized
  • Can be upgraded to support additional devices from across the (CF) Carbon Fiber Series.

Installation is Easy.

  • Pull the center section dash using two hands. 
  • Place and mark 3 small areas for holes for included fasteners, drill and fasten the TacoRail™.
  • Push the center section dash component back in place.
  • Takes less than 10 minutes to install.

Pack Contains

  • 1 x TacoRail™ base with fasteners
  • 1 x BT55 trackball and l-wrench.

    Introducing Series 55

    • Series 55 is a 67 Designs exclusive rail system designed and engineered for looks and maximum configurability for mounting hand held devices.
    • Series 55 will not work with 1/4” threads from other manufactures or the BT20 trackballs of the Series 20. 
    • Be sure to only expand the TacoRail for other devices using a BT55 trackball first. Those can be found here.

    Adding More Components to the TacoRail

    • Only use a 67 Designs BT55 trackball to attach and arms. The BT55 trackballs are sized for Series 55. Other trackballs with 1/4” sized threads will NOT fit Series 55 profiles - by design. 
    • Add only a 67 Designs Nano or Mini length arm. Do NOT add other length arms. 
    • If you wish to add a third party device holders that have a 1” ball do that using a 67 Designs Dam Adapter added to the end of the Nano or Mini arm. 
    • If you wish to add a GoPro we recommend using a BT55 and the 67 Designs GoPro mount with matte clamp without using an arm. Works great and saves space. 
    • If you wish to add other devices, user any of the options 67 Designs has including X-Plate, Diamond Plate Alternative, AMPS Plate etc. Always stay under 1.7 lbs for the total for all hardware connected to the TacoRail. 

    Legal Considerations

    • It is the responsibility of every customer - and not 67 Designs - to know the laws in their local area or in other regions if venturing from home. 
    • Research and know before purchasing any mount from 67 Designs.
    • 67 Designs and Epic Adventure Outfitters Ltd. are not responsible for any improper or illegal use of the hardware.
    • Patent pending.

    For a deeper dive, visit 67 Design's website.