ARB OME Rear Drive Shaft Spacer for Tacoma 3rd Gen

ARB OME Rear Drive Shaft Spacer for Tacoma 3rd Gen

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Maintains the Truck’s Drivability. Increasing or decreasing your Toyota Tacoma’s ride height can put a strain on your truck’s drive shaft. To eliminate this problem, it’s in your best interest to install Old Man Emu’s Rear Driveshaft Spacer. With this spacer, you’ll have a lower risk of encountering a slip yoke, as well as driveline vibrations, so you can crawl the toughest trails and terrains in complete comfort.

Made From High-Quality Materials. The driveshaft spacer’s components are constructed from highly durable materials, so they exhibit incredible strength. As a result, the kit will remain in good working condition and stay secured to your vehicle no matter how rough the terrains get.

Easy to Install. This product is made to complement your vehicle’s specifications, so installing it will be a breeze. In fact, the entire task will only take an hour to complete, given that the instructions were followed.

Includes a 36-Month/37,000-Mile Warranty. This driveshaft spacer is backed by a 36-month/37,000-mile warranty. Check out Old Man Emu’s website for more information on the warranty’s terms and conditions.

Application. The Old Man Emu Rear Driveshaft Spacer is compatible with all 2005-2021 Toyota Tacoma models.