Jeep® JL / Gladiator Mount - Single Ball Base

Jeep® JL / Gladiator Mount - Single Ball Base

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Installation is Easy

  • Fits JL and Gladiator (JT). 
  • Select a base for the Driver side or the Passenger side (based on US vehicles!)
  • Use the included 3M branded custom VHB materials and the included two fasteners to install the base. 
  • Allow 5-15 minutes to install.


  • This product contains a metal 20mm diameter ball for connection to the carbon fiber arms available on this site. (sold separately)
  • Fully utilize (CF) Carbon Fiber Series components from with a previous purchased. Perfect for JK Mount owners looking to upgrade.
  • Low profile for the ball to maximize the visibility when using a Carbon Fiber Arm from 67 Designs.
  • Includes genuine 3M brand very high bond (VHB) materials made and cut to our specifications right here in the USA.

Product Details

  • Pack contains:
    • 1 x Nylon base with 20mm diam. ball attached.
    • 2 x Automotive fasteners.
    • Choice of Driver side or Passenger side.
  • Arm Length
    • Designed for use with the Nano, Mini, Small and Medium arms. Do not use with a large carbon fiber arm. All arms and holders must be purchased separately. Not designed for use with arms from third parties.

For a deeper dive, visit 67Designs website.