Freedom Recovery Tree Saver Strap 24,000lbs

Freedom Recovery Tree Saver Strap 24,000lbs

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Freedom Recovery Gear Recovery Straps and Tree Savers are proudly manufactured in Canada from Canadian webbing.

Manufactured and rated by a company that specializes in making straps for the rigging industry, and not the recreation off-road market, you know these straps are going to be up to the task with extra heavy duty reinforced eyes.

With a Minimum Break Strength of 24,000 pounds these straps come with realistic ratings. The Manufacturer label specifies all the details you need to know when rigging.

Freedom  Recovery Strap is specifically designed to stretch under load for maximum performance. A FRG Recovery Strap is a very effective method of extracting a vehicle mired in mud, snow, or sand. Available in high visibility orange.

This strap size is appropriate for a vehicles 6-8,000 lbs like a 4 Door Jeep or Toyota Tacoma, and even up to ½ ton truck. We recommend about a 3:1 safety factor when sizing your recovery Strap.