2018+ Jeep JL / Gladiator Rail Base
2018+ Jeep JL / Gladiator Rail Base
2018+ Jeep JL / Gladiator Rail Base

2018+ Jeep JL / Gladiator Rail Base

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67 Easy Installation

    • Fits the JL and Gladiator.
    • Use the included US sourced and custom cut 3M branded VHB materials for installing the base.
    • 2 x fasteners are included and are recommended to be installed.
    • Allow 10-20 minutes to install.


    • The Original JL / Gladiator Multi-Device mounting system for JL / Gladiator owners.
    • A single rail that sits discretely inside the Jeep 'JL' Wrangler dash for mounting up to 7 different arms and devices.
    • Low profile for maximum forward visibility. 
    • Allows you to add Series 55 BT55 20mm ball mounting points, arms and device holders.
    • Fully compatible with arms and holders used by previous JK owners to maximize re-use of previous investment in mounting hardware.
    • 1" ball type holders can be attached using the Dam Adapter™, .
    • Includes genuine 3M brand very high bond (VHB) materials made and cut to our specifications right here in the USA.
    • The 67 Designs base is 100% Designed and Made in the USA.
    • Patented.

    Your pack will contain:

    • 1 x JL / Gladiator Rail.
    • 2 x Fasteners (required).
    • Track Balls purchased separately.

    Please Note: Total weight of all device/case combinations not to exceed 1.9 lbs with maximum arm length being the SMALL or a combination of MINI+Elbow+NANO components.

    For a deeper dive, visit 67 Designs website.

    Also, are you unsure of where to start for a 67 Designs phone mounting solution for your Jeep JL or Gladiator? The Jeep JL / Gladiator Pack contains the items you need to hold one phone.