MagMount G3 Device Holder
MagMount G3 Device Holder
MagMount G3 Device Holder

MagMount G3 Device Holder

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Product Details

  • Designed for phones.
  • The small metal strips will not easily fit in the iPhone 12 Mini cases and so we recommend the MagMount G3™ for the regular or Max size devices.
  • Incorporates a 20mm metal ball to attach to a 67 Designs carbon fiber arm 
  • Made from durable black nylon.
  • User replaceable main contact surface for years of service.
  • Comes with 1 x black steel plate to attach to your phone and other devices. 
  • Comes with the MMG3 Pack with 1 x Large Steel Plate for an IPad Mini and 2 x Small Steel Plates for Phones using the MagSafe Charger. 
  • See important notice below for details about magnets and devices.
  • Important for users of silicone cases - the plate does have very strong PSA to attach to a case/device, but silicone cases can be problematic based on the non-bonding properties of silicone! We therefore recommend not using this product with silicone cases.
  • 67 Designs suggests using Apple MagSafe iPhone 12 cases for all iPhone 12 users. Use the 67 Designs metal strips that come with MagMount G3. 

Important Notices about MagMounts and Electronic Devices

  • Owners of the Apple MagSafe Charger can easily use the MagMount G3 by installing 2 small and very thin steel plates inside a phone case, including the Apple 12 phone case.
    • 67 Designs provides the small curved steel plates as part of the MagMount G3 purchase. 
    • It is crucial that no user of induction chargers (MagSafe or similar Qi) install any metal directly between the charger and device coils. 
  • Induction chargers (including Apple® MagSafe) must not have any metal directly between the coil and the device. That means that any metal plate from any manufacturer used for mag mount connectivity could potentially heat up and cause considerable damage to property if not installed outside the coil area. If in doubt about your mag mount setup, don't use an induction charger or don't use mag mounts that require a ferritic metal plate with a magnet.
  • This MagMount G3 contains 12 small permanent magnets. It is highly recommended you do not use this MagMount G3 with a 3rd party device case that incorporates a place to store credit cards or other cards sensitive to magnets. Apple and other devices almost always contain sensors that can be sensitive to magnets. An example is the magnetic compass sensor. This 67 Designs MagMount G3 has been tested in real-world on-road and off-road conditions for many months with Apple® iPhone 7, XS, SE, XS Max, 11 Pro Max, 12 iPhones in Pitika cases or on cases with the steel plate attached to the back of the phone or a case. No interference with the operation or use of the devices was observed. The Maps navigation app on the phone worked just as well with this MagMount G3 as when the device was attached to the vehicle with the Universal for Phones G1. If you have any concerns about any potential damage to your device DO NOT order this product. If you have previously purchased this product and you observe any issues of any kind, immediately stop using this product and report - with details - the situation to 67 Designs.

For a deeper dive, please go to the 67 Designs website.