BroncoRail (Base + One BT55 Trackball)
BroncoRail (Base + One BT55 Trackball)
BroncoRail (Base + One BT55 Trackball)

BroncoRail (Base + One BT55 Trackball)

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Rail Size

2 Sizes of BroncoRail™ by 67 Designs.

  • "Full" - full width
  • "Half" - 11"


  • Allow 15-20 minutes to install.
  • Some drilling required. Fastener hardware included.
  • Mounts at 3 points for a sturdy installation.


  • The most adaptable Ford Bronco (2021-Present) dash mounting setup.
  • The Original Ford BroncoRail™ Multi-Device mounting system.
  • A rail that sits discretely inside the Bronco (not Bronco Sport) dash for mounting up to 7 different arms and devices. (Sold separately)
  • Lowest profile for maximum forward visibility. 
  • Allows you to add Series 55 BT55 20mm ball mounting points, arms and device holders.
  • Fully compatible with arms and holders used by previous owners of 67 Designs components to maximize re-use of previous investment in mounting hardware.
  • Using the Dam Adapter™, 1" ball type holders can be attached.
  • The 67 Designs base is 100% Designed and Made in the USA.
  • Patent pending.

Base Details

  • Base is made of aluminum and hard anodized.
  • Includes
    • Series 55 BroncoRail™ (Full of Half based on your selection)
    • Base hardware for the Series 55 rail.
    • 1 x 4mm L-wrench
    • 4 x fasteners to install the base in the OEM dash.
  • (Arms and holders sold separately.)

Legal Considerations

  • It is not always possible to use this product or other mounting system depending on Federal, State and Municipality laws. Some States have strict rules on mounting devices that may, depending on poor positioning, impair a driver's ability to see the road. 
  • It is the responsibility of every customer - and not 67 Designs - to know the laws in their local area or in other regions if venturing from home. 
  • Research and know before purchasing any mount from 67 Designs.
  • Do not install any devices and related hardware in a way to could interfere with the SRS airbag systems in your specific vehicle. 
  • 67 Designs is not responsible for any improper or illegal use of the hardware.

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