Dam Adapter G2
Dam Adapter G2
Dam Adapter G2
Dam Adapter G2

Dam Adapter G2

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  • Mix and match holders and devices. Reuse prior investment in other vendor's bases and device holders that have a 1" diameter ball.
  • Add an adapter to the end of a 67 Designs' carbon fiber arm and you can then attach a 1 inch (25.4mm) ball on a holder or base from another manufacturer.
  • Cast metal for years of service.

Installation is Easy

  • Undo the included fasteners and attach to a 67 Designs' carbon fiber arm (not included) and any existing hardware that has a 1 inch ball.
  • Installs in seconds. 

Product Details

  • The Dam Adapter™ G2 Pack contains:
    • 1 x Dam Adapter™ castings in satin finish.
    • 1 x 6mm Bolt
    • 1 x Thumb Nut
    • Note: The Dam Adapter™ Pack is enough for one end of a carbon fiber arm.


  • The Dam Adapter™ G2 castings ("non-ribbed") will fit the Carbon Fiber Arms G1 segments.
  • The Dam Adapter™ G1 castings ("ribbed") will NOT fit all Carbon Fiber Arms G2 segments.
  • If you purchased a 67 Designs pre-configured Pack or individual Carbon Fiber Arms after March 13th, 2021 almost certainly you will have been shipped the Carbon Fiber Arms G2.
  • If you have any doubts about which version to purchase, please contact us before ordering.

Please Note: Bases, carbon fiber arms, holders and devices shown in the images on this page are for reference only and must be purchased separately.

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